Snitches Get Stitches: Queen Sugar Recap, Season 4, Ep. 1

Ep. 401: Pleasure Is Black

That Author Life

Nova is overwhelmed. She’s meeting with executives, getting news of NYT reviews, and hearing word that her book may be the next big thing. If that’s not overwhelming enough, there’s one more thing. Though her family knows about the book, they don’t exactly know its contents. At the grand opening of Vi’s restaurant, a lady speaks off the buzz in NYC regarding the book, prompting Hollywood to ask why no one in the family knows of the book’s upcoming release. He cautions Nova that she owes the family the chance to prepare for whatever she reveals in that book.

That Married Life

In case you were wondering, Aunt Vi and Hollywood are still going strong. Back from Thailand, Vi is ready to blow people’s minds with the menu at her restaurant, Vi’s Prized Pies & Diner. After all, it’s time for the grand opening! With a parade, ribbon cutting, pie eating contest, and good music, it was grand indeed. Oh, and a gentleman from around the way who’s rumored to be a good singer stops by to serenade Vi with her favorite song, “Amazing Grace.” That gentleman happens to be Tevin Campbell in real life! Oh, hey, Tev!

That Free Life

It’s harvest season, and Ralph Angel is proving his naysayers wrong. He has had success at the farm and looks happy. While instructing some of his employees to take some cane to Queen Sugar, Mr. Prosper arrives with a special delivery. Ralph Angel soon learns the envelope addressed to him contains his “freedom papers.” He is no longer on parole. With no other way to express his excitement, he sprints for a few yards like a track star and lets out his freedom cry.

At the grand opening for Aunt Vi’s restaurant, his police officer buddy, Toine, and former (Look at God!) parole officer, Mr, Jarvis, come to show their support. While there, they ask Ralph Angel to consider starting a second-chance program for men like him.

Darla even shows up – primarily to pick up Blue – and receives a decent welcome from Aunt Vi and Ralph Angel. (Well, Aunt Vi shades her a bit, but she at least saves her eye-roll for after Darla turns her back these days. She even invites Darla to make a plate before she leaves with Blue.) Progress. Before Darla leaves, she asks her old flame if he minds getting Blue on one of her days. She has something personal to do. RA says he doesn’t mind, but he pries for a reason until she reveals she has a date. Oop. He wasn’t ready. Yep, RA. That single life works both ways. Darla is ready to move on.

That “Best’ Life

Charley has given Romero a chance, and they are enjoying each other’s company. I’m talking massages, and smiles, and giggles, and such. Queen Sugar is still running successfully. She still has that big, beautiful house. She’s even receiving an award in New Orleans for being a female BOSS. While she’s giving her acceptance speech for the 2019 Ground-breaker of the Year, a lady rudely interrupts her. Standing at a table in the audience, said lady states that she is from the New Orleans Daily News and asks Charley about paying off Melina after her affair with Davis…as read in an advanced copy of Nova’s book.


WTF, Nova???? So, just before Charley’s awards ceremony, Nova drops off copies of the book to her, Aunt Vi, and Ralph Angel. She hand delivers all but Aunt Vi’s . RA and Charley are surprised the book is coming out so soon but happy for their sister. After being embarrassed at the ceremony, Charley goes home, gulps some wine, and digs in. At the crack of dawn, she calls RA and tells him not to read the manuscript until she gets to him and they talk. Of course curiosity takes over and he doesn’t wait. All alone, he opens the manuscript and reads about Blue not being his biological son. Meanwhile, Nova’s at their father’s grave praying that her attempt to break the generational curse of holding onto to secrets will set the family free. Nova has opened a can of poisonous snakes – not worms. This is going to be hard to come back from, and it makes for one hell of an upcoming season.

All I know is the trailer for the season has my nerves bad. Darla has a bottle to her lips. Somebody’s throwing shit through windows. Micah gets punched in the face. Aunt Vi tells Nova she doesn’t want to see her again. Nova better make sure she’s told her whole truth in that book as well. On the surface, she’s a drug dealer and mistress who secretly dated a white cop while exposing the holes in the justice system. She was playing kissing face and such with Remy, her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Lord knows what else she’s done. All. that. shit. better. be. in. her. book. though. As an honorary cousin of the Bordelon family, she has me f–cked up.

Bravo, writers! Can’t wait to see where this goes.

Make sure y’all tune in to Queen Sugar on OWN, Wednesdays at 9pm EST.

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