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“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

– Walter Scott

Venni’s cryptic past is filled with secrets. Now that the beautiful executive is trying to settle down with the man of her dreams, she decides to come clean. She admits to a past filled with lies, heartbreak and scandal. But she soon learns that some secrets are best left buried.

Once the skeletons are out, all hell breaks loose. In the midst of the drama, Venni’s long-time ally becomes her greatest adversary and her most-hated adversary surprisingly becomes her ally. When it’s all said and done, egos and feelings are tattered and family ties are severed. Will Venni regret coming clean?

It’s Complicated is a page-turner that reaffirms we all have a back story and perfection on the surface isn’t always what it seems.




“I agreed to ‘for better or for worse,’ but I need more “better” and some of that cherishing we spoke of. Can I review my contract, please?”

Dana Hall has been more than patient with Ric and his never-ending issues. She has supported his pipe dreams and bitten her tongue when he’s lost his jobs, but infidelity is inexcusable. When Ric adds the P.Y.T. from work, numerous text messages, and risqué emails to the stewing pot, he finds he has created a recipe for disaster. It’s his secret ingredient, though, that sends Dana over the edge.

 “If love doesn’t hurt, why am I holding this ice on my jaw again? Did ‘until death do us part’ mean he’s going to kill me?”

Willow Townsend is torn. On most days, Vaughn could tutor Prince Charming in the art of being a good man. Then, there are the other days…She understands that a woman should be submissive to her husband, but is pretty sure the Bible didn’t mean for it to be achieved through violence. After Vaughn throws his worst temper tantrum ever, will she leave her convoluted fairytale or wait around for the happy ending?

“We said, ‘in sickness and in health,’ but… herpes? I was thinking cancer or kidney failure.”

Crystal Moss is married to R&B superstar, Dante. Due to the nature of his profession, she has adopted the “If I don’t see it, it isn’t happening” rule when it comes to groupies and cheating and found a way to cope with her lonely nights. When Dante gets sloppy and breaks one of their rules, the tabloids have a field day and Crystal is faced with a tough decision: kill him in his sleep or while he’s awake?



ALEXIS JAMES has three goals: stay focused, stay calm, and stay out of jail. However, when the scandalous truths about her mother, her man, and her best friend reveal themselves, all bets are off. Her temper flares and actions speak louder than words, causing an eruption of emotions and an aftermath of tension.

For TIFFANY PRICE, life is good. She is finishing her master’s degree in psychology and feels qualified to analyze the human psyche; she has three beautiful children; and once her long-time boyfriend (Marlon) finally pops the question, life will be great. But after a mind-blowing experience with a stranger, confusion and lust make her feel more like a patient than a therapist. When her love for affection and attention writes a check her behind can’t cash, will “Old Faithful” Marlon be there to pick up the pieces?

Alexis and Tiffany embark on searches for their purposes in life amid the chaos they encounter along the way. Their parallel lives intersect to form a tale full of controversy, with familiar characters making surprising appearances and new characters leaving lasting impressions. The lesson they learn is simple; since you can’t change it, you might as well accept it.



TAMEKA JAMES has always been a confident, outspoken, strong-willed woman with her one weakness being her ex-boyfriend, TJ.  That weakness soon becomes the catalyst to a new life of fear, disease, and pain when one of TJ’s enemies rapes her and threatens to kill her if she goes to the police.

Now with a police report on file, an HIV diagnosis in her medical records, and the rapist running free, Tameka fights to maintain normalcy and save her new relationship.  As tensions mount and stakes are raised, some lives are threatened while others are taken.

 The phrase “too little, too late” becomes a reality instead of a cliché when last minute efforts are made in vain.