Microphone Check: Stacey & Janet

Dear Stacey Dash and Janet Hubert:

tamar seats

Check 1

First of all,

WHO gave the Clueless chick the mic? Raise your hand. High. No. As a matter of fact, don’t worry about raising your hand. Just hop on the quickest flight to New Orleans and find a witch who can disappear you. Yes, I said “disappear you.”

Stacey Dash makes my head hurt. While I agree with some of her points, I must say they would only hold weight in the perfect and/or unprejudiced world Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed about. In that world, there would not be a need for Black History Month because the history of black Americans inventing new technologies, saving lives with innovative medical practices, being cowboys, and all other manner of greatness would be in history books. There wouldn’t be one dedicated chapter to black people and our contributions to society. Our history wouldn’t be limited to being enslaved, marching on Washington, and getting arrested for not sitting at the back of the bus. We’ve done great sh*t in the past, and we’re still doing great sh*t now. And yes, we’re just as American as any other American; and yes, all people should be on the same playing field just because we’re all people. But that’s not life as we know it. It’s why affirmative action was put in place. We should all be entitled to the same things, but… NOPE. With some things, it doesn’t happen that easily. Some people/institutions aren’t that agreeable. You have to make them be fair and treat people equally or you make your own way.

As for her suggestion to take away the BET network and Image Awards…


The fact is, for whatever ignorant reason, people of color do not receive equal acknowledgment/recognition in the entertainment industry. For years, actors and actresses of color have been snubbed by the Emmy’s, Golden Globes, and Oscars, despite giving outstanding performances. Is Stacey saying they should just sit there in the audience year after year with no chance of taking a statue home? Should they just be happy they received an invite to attend and even happier that they get a chance to present someone else with an award for which they, too, deserved to be nominated? Ohhhhh, and HOT DAMN! if they get to sing and dance or tell jokes for everyone.

No. When shows didn’t get the green light from other networks or when one too many achievements went unrecognized, BET was born and so were the Image Awards. There are only some instances when “wait your turn” applies. The common denominator for those instances is that one can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Wait your turn in line at the bank because after those two people in front of you are done, you’re next. Wait your turn at the DMV because even though your number is 72 and they’re only on 18, you know they will eventually reach your number.

It’s not as simple as taking BET and the Image Awards away to show that we want integration rather than segregation. Her statement gives the impression that we don’t get recognized by other entities BECAUSE we have other platforms that allow us to celebrate the people who are otherwise ignored. Stacey, sit ALL the way down. Indian style. With your shoes off. Get comfortable.

Also: Shout out to BET for clapping back at Ms. Dash who was okay with accepting those BET checks when she was on The Game.

Check 2

And while we’re at it,

can someone revoke Aunt Viv Part I’s webcam privileges? Who in thee hell asked her to respond to Jada? *looks around* One-a y’all tapped her on the shoulder and told her she had a chance to throw an eclipse worth of shade at Will Smith. That, or she has alerts set so her hotline will bling every time Will and Jada are mentioned on our good ol’ world wide web. She thought she was giving a good read, but actually, she reminded us how gawtdamn bitter she still is. My goodness!

How you gon’ show up on the scene, coming for that man’s wife?? REALLY???

In the video, she referred to Jada Koren Pinkett Smith as “Miss Thing” and “Girlfriend” like she:

a) was a frenemy from middle school

b) needed to check Jada for coming at her specifically in the video (She didn’t mention Aunt Viv.)

c) wanted to fight

That condescending shit will get you read for filth or touched if you approach the wrong one. If this was 1995 Jada, I’on know what would’ve happened. IJS…

Like Stacey, Ms. Janet had some good points. That shit got lost in translation, though. All that poppin’ off she did devalued her point about not giving the Oscars so much weight/value. I won’t even give this much more attention. It seems that’s what Aunt Viv wanted, and by golly, she got it. Her Google Analytics are on fleek. Congrats.


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