Basketball Wives LA S6 E14: Shady Women’s Empowerment


S6 E14
Shaunie-shade off top…”a real empowerment event where women can leave feeling good about themselves.” I mean…as opposed to S&M-powerment… I love it. You really think that Evelyn and Jackie can push through? You have high hopes….I think pink is your color boo…but I thought you had a slightly better booty than you do….Overall the event looked beautiful…Hey…look at the big girl panties inviting Malaysia to Miami! That was considerate…then you invite everyone and plan to do so many things separately…what was the point?
In seasons past Shaunie has a done a great job being the Queen B…but this season her true pettiness levels are beginning to show…in the words of Michele’ she’s Nicety…
Evelyn-it’s brave of you to go back to Miami. I totally understand why you’ve not been back. It’s hard to overcome the anxiety that may arise from a past trauma associated with a place or event …Kudos…but girl…going on book tour with Jackie’s daughter…hahahahah that would be something…ok…now you had me for real thinking you were a punk bitch when you called people in NYC talking about get the girls from the hood to come take care of Jackie…but now you got stun guns or whatever in the event that Jackie comes for you? Did Iyanla and Oprah really steal your gangsta??? You was a killa before!!!  I mean at least you were considerate of her age and not wanting to give her a heart attack…but um…yeah…too much….
Malaysia…I see you trying to get Jenn on team Jackie. Girl stop. You know Jackie is more crazy than not…
Jackie your situation with Evelyn is FAR from the same or similar to Jennifer’s situation. WAIT…did you say Evelyn wants to do something sexual to your child?! GIRL just when I think you won’t say something beyond crazy you do exactly that…why do you have this overly consuming feeling of importance and why are you so deluded? Why are you wearing all black all the time? girl…then you just insult the whole Ethiopian culture….and murder the name of and insult those from Zimbabwe…smh…Cue reality star tears…girl you cry at the drop of a hat…must be menopause.
Tami-womp womp womp…the whole baby situation with Reggie is very hard…BUT GIRL. I had to laugh out loud for real when you told the boy to freeze his sperm an wait 20 years til you die to have a baby. Now…I am always TeamRight…but with this whole Jackie and Evelyn situation there is no clear right…both these hoes are wrong…OOOOH then you give Jackie a shout out at the luncheon?! That was soooooo bold!!!!! I feel like you are sometiming Evelyn…where’s the straight up no chaser Tami? Are you becoming two faced and soft in your old age?
Hazel…all this for 2 songs…mmmk…and then we couldn’t really hear the music or get a feel for it on this side of the viewing…idk…waste…and girl…why do you keep inviting  extra people on trips???
OOOOH WEEEE!!! I am on pins and needles waiting for that yacht ride next week!!! Everything from Malaysia and Tami to Jackie and Evelyn…this is going to be so good…
Um…but wait…wheres Cristin, Bonnie Jill, Cenia and the other extras from this season???

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