I Should’ve Had Your Back: Queen Sugar Recap, Season 3, Ep. 3

S3, Ep 303 – “Your Distant Destiny”

Unexpected Inspiration

Sometimes you step out on faith and twist your ankle. Since Nova wrote all her articles while she was with The Daily News, they’re no longer available for use with her upcoming book. Well damn. No deal… until she comes up with some new ideas and submits her proposal. Nova was a bit defeated and had what every writer dreads: writer’s block. When her last check came in the mail, there was a note from Steve, her editor/boss from The Daily News. It simply read, “I should’ve had your back. I’m sorry.” Steve could’ve kept his apology for all Nova cared. Thank God for unexpected inspiration, though! While Micah was venting about Charley being in cahoots with Landry, he said she could write about the Black farmers and their struggles or anything else for that matter. Immediately, we could see the light bulb go off in Nova’s head. By the end of the show, she’d filled her board with ideas. Leggo, Nova!

Forever My Lady

Lawd, this money is burning a hole in Hollywood’s pocket. He’s making me nervous, and he’s not even my boo. The latest is that he’s thinking of investing in a barbershop. He’s worried about taking Vi shopping for red bottoms and such when he should be investing in her pie business. But I’ll give him credit. He spent some of that money on an engagement ring, which brought a huge smile to Vi’s face.

While attending Hollywood’s high school reunion, his former girlfriend rushed over to him talmbout he was her high school sweetheart, falling all over him and giving him the opposite of a church hug. This was with Vi standing next to him. You would’ve thought she was invisible because the heffa didn’t acknowledge her. Hollywood downplayed her importance to Vi, insinuating that she was exaggerating the extent of their relationship. Vi was unbothered, though. The shxt-starter tried her once more, though, approaching them later and apologizing for not speaking to Vi. She then asked if Vi remembered her because she supposedly thought Vi was Hollywood’s mother. Oh, the shade. I thought Vi would give her a verbal thrashing, but she handled the insult with class, telling the trick her name after Hollywood introduced her as his fiancee. That didn’t stop his old flame, though. When Jodeci’s song came on, she asked if Hollywood still had the moves and invited him to dance. He opted out, saying he was going to dance with his forever dance partner. Oop. Off Hollywood and Vi went. While on the dance floor, though, Vi seemed to get dizzy and excused herself to grab something to drink. She spent the rest of the evening sitting down, away from the other guests.

“Who ‘dis woman?”

Queen Sugar Ep 303

Ralph Angel screws somebody every time Darla calls. Lawd! Every heaux in the parish is lined up tryna get a piece of RA, and he’s gladly giving them the piece they crave. Blue almost caught him in the act with some chick (not Tamika) when he woke up in the middle of the night and walked into the living room. Luckily, she was slipping her shirt on, and RA was fully dressed. We later learned that Blue has been wetting the bed and was trying to tell his dad that he’d done it again. (I’m confused as to why RA picked him up both times if he was wet, but maybe I’m just not “that” parent. I’ll hold your hand, but you’re not soaking my arms if you can walk.) It was obvious that RA did some soul-searching once Blue told him he saw him with ol’ girl. As he talked to Blue about his accidents, it was apparent he was reflecting on his own “accidents.” He’s been getting lax, having chicks at the house when Blue is around, trying to overdose on sexual healing instead of dealing with his feelings about Darla the more mature way.

Speaking of Darla, she face-timed RA just as he pulled up to the dock to pick up his check. Blue was with him, so he handed the phone off per usual.  Blue stayed in the truck and talked with his mom while RA collected his check from Trinh, a pretty Asian woman and the sister of his buddy from work. She was apparently living her best life up north, and their mom (RA’s boss) bragged about her often. There was a little flirting happening, so I’m curious to see if something comes of this. The mother had also told RA he needs to find a good woman to help him with Blue. Meanwhile back at the farm, ol’ girl who was at the house when Blue woke up came back for more. This time, RA was thinking with the head above his shoulders. He gently rejected her advances, saying he was going to lay low for a while. No more heaux activities. She respected him for being a good father but reminded him that he was missing out. (Girl, go home!) Though some of RA’s decision came from doing right by Blue (because this happened after Blue’s other accident), I truly believe he’s missing Darla. And guess who showed up at the very end of this episode.


QS DarlaBlue

Family Feud

Everybody keeps telling Charley how much she’s like her dad. They always refer to him as an honest man, and Charley looks uncomfortable every time they extend the compliment. It’s clear that she’s still conflicted. She has partnered with Landry to avenge her father’s death in a sense; but she has to keep her plans a secret for many reasons, including the fact that hardly anyone will understand her logic. While Charley was saying goodbye to a family of Black farmers who were kicked off the land they were leasing from Landry, another Black farmer approached RA while he had lunch with Nova. She was overjoyed about the fixed rate they were receiving and that Landry was finally leaving them alone.

Nova pressed RA for details, wanting to know how Charley was able to negotiate the fixed rate. She knows her sister and something didn’t feel right. RA tried to keep it simple, saying she hustled, reminding Nova that’s what Charley does. Well aware of that, Nova needed more of an answer. So, she confronted her abruptly at dinner in front of the whole family. Charley was forced to share her plans to take down Landry and his empire one stakeholder at a time. Nova warned that she can win the game that way. What game? Charley said she plans to eliminate the game – not play it. She was over the criticism that she doesn’t know what she’s doing. As far as she’s concerned, she’s the only one fighting for her father’s honor and the only one brave enough to make the moves she has. RA agreed with Charley and made sure he told her.

Figuring it Out

Micah got his wish. He’s now attending public school. Though he seemed a bit out of place, he had Keke to be his security blanket of sorts during his first few minutes there. By lunch time, he looked uncomfortable again. Wouldn’t we all? New school. Big cafeteria. You know one person. You don’t see that one person. Where the heck do you sit? The universe was on his side. He quickly spotted the “woke” crew who knelt at the game and gravitated toward them. Keke arrived moments later and joined them, even though she’d had plans for them to sit elsewhere. There was an awkward exchange between her and the “woke girl” from the group. (I can’t put my finger on it, but it seemed like they were once close but something changed their relationship. They clearly aren’t enemies, but there may be a frenemy situation.) During their time at the table, the kids expressed their annoyance with an article about the officer who assaulted Micah. Micah stayed quiet, clearly reflecting on his experience that only Keke was aware of.

After Micah listened to his mother’s plan to destroy Landry Enterprises, he silently sided with Nova, Vi, and Hollywood. When Charley was sick of hearing their criticism and got ready to leave, he refused to join her. Later, he vented to Nova about his mom in general and the Landry deal specifically. When his opinion became a bit harsh, Nova slowed him down. She wasn’t going to let him disrespect his mom just because he didn’t agree with her tactics. Overall, Micah admitted that he wished his mom was more like Nova who uses words and actions to initiate change instead of secrets and lies. He ended up speaking with Charley and asked her to promise her plan would work. She didn’t exactly make that promise as she is a businesswoman and knows there are no guarantees; however, I believe Micah is more clear on his mother’s intentions and can accept them.


  • I have a feeling the girl from the woke crew has a thing for Micah. Something is going to come up regarding the group selfie (ussie?) everyone took while Keke was riding the ATV.
  • I need the family to pay attention to Aunt Vi. She’s not feeling well. And what was up with her saying she was going to get some water but she instead grabbed wine/champagne? Earlier she didn’t want an alcoholic drink.
  • I hope Darla gets a job in corporate America and shows that she can take care of Blue on her own if necessary. She has a point to prove, and I’m still rooting for her.
  • I look for a pregnancy announcement by mid-season. I still haven’t forgotten when she tried on that wedding dress and touched her belly.
  • RA gave the parolee a job on his farm, which is a great show of growth. He once struggled to get a job as a parolee. Now, he can give back.

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